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Welcome to Klausz Dental Laboratories Specialty Services
  Services Introduction  
When was the last time you inserted a crown with very little occlusal adjustment? If your answer is "Never", then you need to experience the best of crown and bridge, combined with our exclusive Bite Equilibration Technique, which was developed to eliminate most chair side adjustments. Now that we have created a crown that fits, what about shades? The taking of a shade is more than a quick color match; it involves a discriminating eye combined with the latest digital technology. At Klausz Dental Lab, we are proud to offer this invaluable service, and once again, not only do we meet your expectations, but we exceed them.

Additional, service-specific information, is available in the following sections:
  Bite Equilibration Technique
  Cosmetic Consultations
  Digital Smile Design
  Advanced Dental Occlusion
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  Services - Bite Equilibration Technique  
Through the adoption of the philosophies of the L.D. Pankey Institute, in combination with our exclusive in-lab Bite Equilibration Technique, we have been able to eliminate approximately 95% of chair side adjustments. Following is a monetary illustration of the funds we can save your practice, and our special money-back guarantee.

The Klausz Approach
In a poll of dental offices, the number one complaint with fixed restorations, be it porcelain fused to metal, all ceramic, or polymer glass, is the excessive time loss associated with adjusting the occlusion or even having to grind in the bites. While following the philosophies of the L.D. Pankey Institute combined with our exclusive in-lab Bite Equilibration Technique, performed to accurate, articulated models, we have been able to eliminate approximately 95% of chair side adjustments. Our technique consists of eliminating all bubbles from the occlusal surfaces of the casts, and with fine articulating paper, looking for high spots in occlusion and then eliminating them until more stable contact markings appear.

Monetary Illustration
How much time and income are you losing by grinding?
Use this simple analysis and substitute your own figures:
15 minutes to adjust each crown x 10 crowns/month =2.5 hours/month
2.5 hours/month x $250.00 of chair time/hour = $625.00/month or $7,500.00 per year of wasted, non-productive chair time directly out of your pocket.

Money-Back Guarantee
We are so sure we will be able to reduce the amount of time you spend adjusting our fixed restorations that we are willing to give this amazing offer. If you do not feel we have considerably reduced your chair side adjustments on your first crown, inlay or onlay with us, we will credit you the full invoiced amount for the laboratory fee.
Consequently, if you are not satisfied, you get your money back and can keep the restoration, no strings attached. That's how sure we are that we can provide you with greater piece of mind. How can we be so sure we can save you time and money? Because we are already helping many of your colleagues do just that. The sooner you call, the sooner you can stop grinding and adjusting teeth and put your time to more productive use.

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  Services - Cosmetic Consultations  
The Right Shade Selection-
More Than A Quick Colour Match

One of the most difficult and frustrating tasks in modern aesthetic dentistry is the taking of shades, and then relating this crucial information to the lab.  The challenges involved in trying to match a single central incisor can be extremely stressful.

Correct shade selection is more than just choosing the right base shade.  It involves determining which incisal porcelains to use and where to place them to mimic the natural dentition.  Let’s not forget about those areas of intense colours, decalcification and staining which are next to impossible to relate.

We have a solution to this daunting task.  We have refined our in-lab shade taking process and integrated digital technology to provide our clients with what we call Cosmetic Consultations.  Let one of our experienced ceramists create a detailed shade mapping while taking note of such details as: surface anatomy, translucency, and incisal characteristics.  To complement the shade selection, we take a series of digital photographs that will serve as a guide to tooth contour and individual facial characteristics.

A full colour printout of the digital photos and Cosmetic
Consultation form is returned to your office with the completed restoration.

The next time you’re faced with the disheartening task of a difficult shade match, why not take advantage of a Cosmetic Consultation.  Just another way we try to improve on the products and services we provide to our clients.

Call today to schedule your first patient’s appointment.
You’ll be glad you did!


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  Services - Digital Smile Design
a Treatment Plan Visualization / CAD / Computer Aided Design
Visit the Digital Smile Design Page

Patient Presentation of Cosmetic Treatment Plan  
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  Services - Occlusion  
The importance of the art and science behind the making of dental restorations is significant. However, functionality is also a crucial part of the end product. At Klausz Dental Labs, we ensure that the beautiful smiles we create today will hold up to the rigours of mastication and occlusal forces in the future.

Teeth need to work and function in harmony with each other. They must provide for maximum interdigitation in function and working contacts. At the same time, they must allow for the free range of motion provided by the reduction of interferences in movement.
This new millennium has brought together more precise articulators so that in conjunction with simpler face bow procedures and a greater understanding of occlusal concepts, function can now be achieved with greater accuracy and consistency.
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