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Dental Products For Sale

Dental Products For Sale In Toronto,ON

These products and supplies are available directly from our laboratory to you. The dental marketplace is constantly evolving with new and exciting products, materials, and techniques. We would like to share with you our discovery of new products that can provide a significant advancement to your ability to provide better care and treatment to your patients.

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Aqualizer Logo

Simplifies TMD Diagnoses & Treatment Planning

The Aqualizer’s “Floating Action” allows posterior segments to equilibrate – allowing muscles to relax.

Using the laws of fluid dynamics, a prosthodontist at the University of Illinois came up with this simple device consisting of two water pads, connected by an equalizing channel.  When placed in the mouth, the Aqualizer allows both left and right sides of posterior segments to equilibrate with each other, allowing the muscles of mastication to relax.  Its floating action makes it an excellent tool to simplify TMD diagnoses & treatment planning.  It can act as a temporary pain control splint, as well as guide your equilibration technique for either teeth or splints.

Aqualizer Muscle Directed Bite Registration – a perfect bite the first try.

A Simple Step-by-Step Procedure to Capture the Open Bite for Splints and Nightguards

For your additional convenience, our laboratory now stocks the Low, Medium, and High Volume Ultra and Mini Aqualizer

Step 1

Step 1: – Insert an Aqualizer™ into the mouth allowing the muscles to bring the mandible to its natural, most comfortable 3-D position, (great in combination with T.E.N.S. and jaw tracking). Add base plate wax under pads for small increases of less than 2mm, if there is no spasm in the muscles, step two can be performed 10 minutes after insertion.

Step 2

Step 2: Instruct the patient to bite down naturally with the Aqualizer™ still in place, while injecting silicone from cuspid to cuspid.

Step 3

Step 3: Remove the Aqualizer™ with the anterior bite still in place. Inject registration material between the occlusal surfaces of the left and right posterior teeth. Instruct the patient to close carefully into the previously established anterior bite. Allow the silicone to set.

Step 4

Step 4:Remove the one-piece full arch bite registration from the mouth.

Step 5

Step 5:Assemble the patient’s dental casts accurately into the bite registration. Send this assembly to the lab, or mount the combined casts/registration assembly on your articulator.

Step 6

Step 6: – Remove the silicone bite registration. The Aqualizer™ allows you to preview, and then accurately reproduce for splints, the most functional cranio-mandibular occlusal relationships.

By Ron Klausz, RDT
Oral Health article – 3 pages, fully illustrated provides the simple step-by-step procedure – to capture the open bite for splints and bruxism appliances.

Aqualizer Muscle Directed Bite Registration Article

By Ron Klausz, RDT
37 slides that illustrate and document all that you need to know about the Aqualizer Hydrostatic Stint..

The Aqualizer Hydrostatic Stint
Aqualizer Bite Paper Flyer

We have become one of the largest distributors of Aqualizer Appliances in Canada.


Smile Again & Oral Appliance Care Cleaners

Helping To Care For The Products We Create With Innovative Cleaning and Care Solutions

We’ve always been dedicated to providing our clients, and their patients, with superior dental appliances. We are equally committed to ensuring that these appliances can be properly cared for. For years, we’ve been including with our dentures a sample of “Smile Again Denture Cleaner”, with the opportunity to contact our lab and re-order; we are now delighted to be able to provide our exclusively formulated “Oral Appliance Care Cleaner” with all our splints, night guards, orthotics and sleep appliances. and “Spray’n Fresh Mouth Guard Cleaner” with all our sports and athletic mouth guards.

A FREE sample of Smile Again Denture Cleaner and Oral Appliance Care Dental Appliance Cleaner are provided with each new dental appliance and can easily be reordered from our newly created website.

Smile Again-Denture Cleaner

Smile Again

Denture Cleaner

Spray’n Fresh-Dental Appliance Cleaner

Oral Appliance Care

Dental Appliance Cleaner

Cleaning Products Flyer

These products can be easily reordered at

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ACU-Flow Bite Registration Material
NOW Available from Klausz Dental Laboratories

We are always looking for ways we can improve on the quality of the restorations and services we offer our clients. When we find a material, process, or technique that can help us deliver a better result to your patients, we’re eager to share what we have learned.

We are proud to announce you can now purchase ACU-Flow Bite Registration Material directly from Klausz Dental Laboratories.

The ADVANTAGES of ACU-Flow Bite are Clear

  • A High Durometer Product
  • Will Not Slump
  • Will Not Fragment
  • Easy to Trim
  • Will Not Distort under Pressure of Articulation
  • Working time – 15 sec.
  • Minimum intraoral setting time – 45 sec.
  • Maximum total cure time – 1 minute

ACU-Flow Syringeable Vinyl Polysiloxane

For Highly Accurate And Detailed Bite Registrations

ACU-Flow Bite

It’s the perfect companion product to use with the Aqualizer Bite Registration Technique, or any other Functional or Centric Relation Bite Registration Technique.

Accu-Flow Bite Reg Flyer



QuickSplint Product

Diagnose, Treat, Protect, Heal

QuickSplint is an interim, multi-purpose, custom-fit bite plane that takes only minutes to fabricate and has dozens of practical uses in dentistry. Whether you are a general dentist or specialist, QuickSplint comes to your aid to help diagnose, treat, protect, and heal your patients.

Custom-fit Chair Side in Less Than 5 Minutes

Use QuickSplint with ACU-Flow Bite Registration Material. Designed for overnight wear, QuickSplint fits from cuspid to cuspid and is highly retentive.

Higher Level of Care

By sending patients home with QuickSplint for protection and pain prevention, you are providing a higher level of professional service.
QuickSplint Steps

Use ACU-Flow Bite Registration Material to slightly overfill tray. QuickSplint is ready to wear in minutes.

QuickSplint serves as a healing and protective aid designed to be worn for several days or several weeks under your direction until the patient no longer needs splinting, or the patient is transitioned to the most appropriate appliance.

QuickSplint is the only bite-plane designed for interim care.
It fills a need in dental care that until now has been overlooked or time-consuming to remedy.

QuickSplint is time-saving, practical, affordable and reimbursable.

QuickSplint has dozens of practical applications across dentistry.
You’ll find QuickSplint to be a mighty addition to your patient care!

QuickSplint Anterior Bite Splint
Bulk 12Pack

ACU-Flow Bite Registration Material

QuickSplint Pro Pack
QuickSplint 12 Pack Plus 2 ACU-Flow Bite
Registration Cartridges

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Cleaning Products Flyer
Cleaning Products Flyer


With over 50 years experience in the dental laboratory field, we’ve worked hard to earn your trust, and it’s a trust we do not take lightly. Every day we strive to exceed your expectations, and being able to provide you with more great products is just another way we are, “Working Harder and Smarter for your Practice!”


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