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Digital Dentistry

Like many other global industries, dentistry has benefited from the computerization of many processes, and opened new doors to improved patient care. It is a very exciting time to be a dental professional and a dental patient. Understanding (and keeping up with) the innovative changes happening in dentistry keeps us at the forefront of dental technology.


Accepting STL Files

Digital Dentistry at Klausz Dental Laboratories

We accept STL files from all of the most popular scanners.
As technology is constantly progressing, our laboratory is evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients. This is how we’ve been able to build and maintain relationships with our clients for over 50 years.

We are proud to announce that we’ve become a Cadent iTero Partner Laboratory, a Lava Chairside Oral Scanner (C.O.S.) Affiliate Laboratory, a Trios-3Shape Laboratory, a Carestream Registered Laboratory, and now a Cerec Enabled Laboratory and Medit Digital Centre.

We can accept all STL files that can be captured in your office.

Digital files sent to the lab allow us to create 3D printed models and fabricate your restorations and appliances to the highest quality possible with precision and accuracy.

We can accept digital scans from clients who choose to go digital.

If you’re looking to invest in the future of digital dentistry, be sure to consult with you lab for insights and guidance.

Trios-3Shape equipment
Klausz Digital Dentistry Laboratory
Cadent iTero
Trios by 3shape
Trios by 3shape
Lava C.O.S
Carestream Dental
Digital Dentistry Flyer


3D Digitally Printed
Night Guards and Bruxism Appliances

Fit – Strength – Value

We are proud to be able to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to splint therapy. With the advent of digital technologies, we are able to fabricate night guards and bruxism appliances through our digital printing process and pass the cost savings onto you.

Whether you choose to send digital files, physical impressions, or stone models, we can design and print an appliance for you.




Stain resistant

Abrasion resistant

Fracture resistant

Balances flexibility and strength
Easily cleaned and maintained

Similar to dual-laminate material, these appliances can be softened under warm water for ideal fit and comfort yet still provide strength, without brittleness, to last as long, if not longer than, other traditional splint materials.

Digitally Printed Night Guards | Klausz Dental Lab
Bruxism Appliance | Klausz Dental Lab
Digital Imaging Flyer


Secure Send

We are proud to announce that we’re the first dental laboratory in Canada to be granted access to the Canadian Dental Association’s SecureSend Portal.

Send Information In Seconds

CDA SecureSend is a simple-to-use system that allows dentists to exchange patient documents in a secure fashion. You can now send us your patient notes, designs, pictures, and digital scans knowing that you are protecting your patient’s right to privacy.

Keep Patient Data Confidential

Unlike email, CDA SecureSend meets your legal obligation to safeguard the confidentiality of patient data when sending patient information electronically.

It’s as simple and as quick as sending an email

We’re always looking for ways to improve on the way we communicate with our clients. Listening to your concerns and finding solutions to meet your needs is at the heart of what we do. So when we say, “Working Harder And Smarter For Your Practice!”, we mean that we’re finding solutions for each of our client’s specific needs and challenges, whatever they may be.

Communication is the key!

Canadian Dental Association


Looking to the future of digital dentistry is just another way we are,
“Working Harder and Smarter for your Practice!”


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