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Occlusal Splints & Night Guards

Not All Occlusal Splints and Night Guards Are Created Equally

At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we believe you and your patients deserve the best quality possible. That’s why we choose to do things differently than other labs.

Using the most advanced materials, we can ensure the fit, comfort, and longevity of the appliances we custom fabricate. Replacing hard acrylics, which shrink during polymerization and cause poor fit, with Pressure Molded Technology (PMT) materials covered with composite resin, we create appliances that not only fit better, but are also more biocompatible than traditional methylmathacrylates. We can also fabricate appliances from thermoplastic materials, which soften under warm water or in the oral environment. This will help to diffuse the occlusal forces and act as a type of shock absorber. We can fabricate the appliance out of Thermoplastic material or have the thermoplastic material inside the appliance with a hard acrylic occlusal surface.  This may help to relieve some of the stress or pressure patients experience with hard materials. And to satisfy their esthetic demands, the appliances, are available in a variety of colours.

There is nothing standard about today’s “standard flat plane splints”. Their designs can be modified in a great number of ways. These appliances were originally designed as a full coverage appliance with a flat occlusal table, occluding with every tooth in the opposing arch. Now, through correct material selection, the design can be altered to enhance the patient experience. Appliances can be fabricated with or without anterior tooth coverage, increasing air flow and making it easier for the patient to breathe and communicate. This also eliminates the tightness and discomfort caused by lingually directed forces placed on the anterior teeth by appliances. For additional strength, lingual braided bars or mesh can be incorporated into the splints. The design can be altered to add anterior and/or cuspid guidance and the posterior occlusion can be left smooth or incorporate guiding grooves.

What really sets us apart is how we mount your models. Most labs quickly mount models on standard hinge articulators and guess at the amount of verticle opening. Using this technique usually leads to an appliance where the occlusion is very heavy in the posterior areas and open in the anterior. This forces the dentist to waste time grinding in the bite, leaving the distal areas thin and compromised.

We choose to do things differently. We mount your models on special articulators that allow us to take into consideration the translation and rotation of the mandible, thus reducing the amount of chair time it takes to calibrate the occlusion of one of our appliances.

It takes more skill and time in the lab, and costs a little more,
but we believe you and your patients are worth it.

Looking for ways to do things better is just another way we are,
“Working Harder and Smarter for your Practice!”

Klausz Dental Lab- Occlusal Splints and Night Guards
Occlusal Splints and Night Guards
Occlusal Splints and Night Guards
Not All Occlusal Splints Are Created Equally Flyer


A Variety of Occlusal Splints to Match the Individual Needs of Your Patients

We are proud to be able to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to splint therapy

The Horseshoe Splint is a popular flat plane rigid appliance fabricated with a pressure molded base (PMT) layered with a hard composite occlusal surface.

The Thermoplastic Splint is made from a unique thermo-plastic material and was developed for greater patient comfort.  The advanced properties of this material allow it to flex when softened under warm water and thus conforms to the contours of the patient’s teeth when inserted.

The Hard/Soft Splint is by far the most popular splint and was developed for those heavy bruxers and clenchers.  Its unique combination of a tough impact resistant occlusal surface with its pliable tooth and tissue side offers your patients the best of both worlds; lasting durability and custom comfort.

The Pankey Splint is made from a tooth coloured acrylic resin material. The occlusal scheme is created with one point occlusal contact per posterior tooth, combined with anterior and cuspid guidance. This allows for total posterior disclusion in all excursions.

The Anterior Deprogrammer is designed to prevent posterior tooth contact. It protects the teeth by calming the temporalis muscles, and in many cases can reduce or eliminate muscle pain and inflammation associated with bruxing and clenching. These types of splints can be fabricated using PMT or thermoplastic materials.

Splint Therapy Just Got A Lot More Fun!!!

Coloured Thermoplastics

Our Thermoplastics are now available in a variety of colours, designed to be as individual as your patients are.

We are proud to be able to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to splint therapy, and now all our Thermoplastic Splints can be tinted in 8 additional colours to complement our original crystal clear shade.

Coloured Thermoplastics
Download Tinted Thermoplastics Flyer
Tinted Thermoplastics 1
Tinted Thermoplastics 2
Tinted Thermoplastics 3
Oral Health Article June 2017
Download the Oral Health (PDF)

Article Outline

“Splint therapy has become one of the most prevalent aspects of dentistry over the last number of years. Patients are presenting with multiple reasons for needing this type of dental intervention.

Occlusal splints can be fabricated from a variety of materials depending on the causes and effects of the trauma, the patient’s compliance, the dentist’s preferences, as well as a myriad of other determinants.

This article focuses on a variety of designs and materials that traditional flat plane occlusal splint can be made from, for either the maxillary or mandibular arch.”

Ron Klausz, RDT

Download Occlusal Splint Flyer

Whatever your requirements, we have the splint for you!


3D Digitally Printed
Night Guards and Bruxism Appliances

Fit – Strength – Value

We are proud to be able to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to splint therapy. With the advent of digital technologies, we are able to fabricate night guards and bruxism appliances through our digital printing process and pass the cost savings onto you.

Whether you choose to send digital files, physical impressions, or stone models, we can design and print an appliance for you.




Stain resistant

Abrasion resistant

Fracture resistant

Balances flexibility and strength
Easily cleaned and maintained

Similar to dual-laminate material, these appliances can be softened under warm water for ideal fit and comfort yet still provide strength, without brittleness, to last as long, if not longer than, other traditional splint materials.

Digitally Printed Night Guards | Klausz Dental Lab
Bruxism Appliance | Klausz Dental Lab
Digital Imaging Flyer


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